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Education Policy in the Policy Address

Commending what is Right and Criticizing what is Wrong

Dear Members,

A Motion of Thanks for the Policy Address was put to a vote in the Legislative Council on 10 November. In the spirit of ‘Commending what is right and Criticizing what is wrong’, I voted for the Motion.

Commending what is right

The new Administration has inherited from LEUNG Chun-ying a Hong Kong with unprecedented confrontation and torn apart by strife – and, with education in a mess. Following her assumption of responsibility as Chief Executive, Mrs LAM injected a recurrent expenditure of $3.6 billion as an emergency treatment of the most pressing problems in education. This has provided a new starting point for the education sector. The full communication and close co-operation between the Government and the education sector from March to June have achieved three breakthroughs: the Government attaching importance to the wisdom of the community, the Government conducting adequate consultation with the education sector and the Government making long-term commitments for Hong Kong’s education.

In the Policy Address, attention has been focused on post-secondary education with funds exceeding a total of $20 billion for use in three areas: injecting funds into the Research Fund, building student hostels and waiving tuition fees for local students attending post-graduate research programmes. While the funds are of a one-off nature, they are of great significance to the development of post-secondary education.

Criticizing what is wrong

However, the Policy Address is silent on many pressing problems which are still with us at secondary, primary and kindergarten education levels. What needs to be done include further improvement of the establishment of teachers, further enhancement of the proportion of teachers holding university degrees, the creation of a pay scale for kindergarten teachers, and improvement of the salary structures of primary school principals and teachers. As regards long-term commitments, there is an obvious decline and there are no traces of the balance of at least $1.4 billion.

Actively offering advice

Let me reiterate my approach towards Mrs LAM and her Administration: ‘Commending what is right, criticizing what is wrong, actively offering advice and making suggestions’. I hope that the Government will, in the years ahead, maintain its momentum in improving Hong Kong’s education. On my part, I will continue to offer advice. For the coming five years, our education policy should consist of these two steps: first, we should consolidate our system and inject adequate resources, i.e. ‘recuperation and consolidation’; and then, develop fully, enhance piloting by education professionalism, and fully realize the potential of education, with the aim of developing Hong Kong’s public education system into one of the world’s quality education systems and bringing well-being to our next generation.

I would appreciate any views that you may have. They could be emailed to me at [email protected]

Full text of IP Kin-yuen’s speech : Video clip on the Motion of Thanks for Policy Address 2017 (9 November 2017)


Education Policy in the Policy Address Commending what is Right
and Criticizing what is Wrong

Attending the Basic Law Seminar
at which Director LI Fei
was the guest speaker
Motion passed: calling for a review of problems arising from TSA/BCA Station
The Government should consult the public on and provide the legislative basis for
‘co-location’ at the West Kowloon Station
Snapshots Speeches

Attending the Basic Law Seminar at which Director LI Fei was the guest speaker

I attended the Basic Law Seminar on 16 November. During the interlude, I had a brief conversation with Director LI Fei. I expressed my disagreement to the arrangement for secondary school students to listen to the seminar live. I also mentioned to him the progress of democratization in Hong Kong.

EDB inviting school-sponsoring bodies to arrange for their students to listen to the Basic Law Seminar live was a move with strong political content and made without taking into account the substance of the seminar being too difficult and boring to the students, not to mention that the arrangement interrupted schools’ normal operations. This should be avoided as far as possible.

Motion passed: calling for a review of problems arising from TSA/BCA

EDB has indicated that it will submit a report on TSA/BCA in December. I believe that up to now, it has not been possible to provide evidence that TSA/BCA does not lead to drills. In view of this and bearing in mind that doubts persist over the representativeness of the Primary 3 TSA Review Committee and that there exist potential conflicts of interest for some of its members, I urged, at a meeting of LegCo’s Panel on Education held on 3 November, the Government to establish a fully representative committee to (a) consider whether Hong Kong should continue to implement TSA/BCA and if so, how to implement it; and (b) conduct public consultations. This non-binding motion was unanimously passed.

I hope that the Government will conduct an extensive and in-depth consultation on TSA/BCA and seriously explore and thoroughly review problems arising from it so as to ensure that TSA/BCA does not lead to the drawback of drills. If it does, TSA/BCA should be shelved.

Put TSA on hold: EDB should not violently force a resumption of TSA: Video clip on LegCo meeting
(9 November 2017)


The Government should consult the public on and provide the legislative basis
for ‘co-location’ at the West Kowloon Station

No formal and comprehensive consultation has been conducted by the Government on ‘co-location’ at the West Kowloon Station. In the latter part of October, PTU conducted a telephone survey with its members. The number of respondents in support of and the number of respondents against ‘co-location’ are comparable: ‘very supportive’ and ‘quite supportive’ totaled 40% whereas ‘strongly opposed’ and ‘quite opposed’ together accounted for 43%. As regard the need or otherwise for the Government to conduct a public consultation on ‘co-location’, 65% considered that the Government should conduct a consultation.”

I have reflected these figures at a LegCo meeting, urging the Government to take on board the public’s view that there should be public consultation before consideration is given to whether or not we should go ahead with ‘co-location’. We, democratic LegCo members, have written to the Secretary for Justice, Mr Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung, asking him to openly reveal the legislative basis for ‘co-location’ at the West Kowloon Station.

The Government should consult the public on ‘co-location’: Video clip on LegCo meeting (2 November 2017)

Expressing concern over the work of

I had a meeting with several teacher-librarians on 17 November. They indicated that the Government has become rather apathetic in the promotion of reading and that some schools do not attach much importance to school libraries and require teacher-librarians to take up a heavy load of teaching and administration work. I hope that this situation can be improved so that teacher-librarians can carry out the duties for which their post has been created.

Szeto Wah Education Fund

This year marks the sixth awards ceremony. Like those in the past, this year’s awards ceremony carries touching stories. I hope that we have more good students and more good teachers so as to enable the education community to grow and thrive. I also hope that there are more people who show appreciation of those who work hard and make efforts. It is indeed not impossible for appreciation and encouragement, no matter how small they may be, to change the lives of others! I hope that all award-winning teachers and students will hold fast to their convictions and achieve an abundant life.

Rotary Adopt A School: Mock Legislative Council

In a ‘Rotary Adopt A School – Mock Legislative Council’ activity organized on 4 November, I had a meeting with students from different secondary schools, sharing with them why I have become a Legislative Councillor. During the questioning session, the students raised a number of questions on education including whether I support the implementation of TSA/BCA and whether I support Chinese History becoming an independent compulsory subject. They also asked about the score adjustment system for HKDSE’s school-based assessment. From among them will, I hope, emerge future Legislative Councillors!

Forum on deficiencies of policy on services for
the elderly and development strategies

At the moment, Hong Kong is still in lack of a comprehensive policy on services for the elderly, as a result of which it is difficult to meet the various needs of the elderly. On 31 October, the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU), the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and the Social Policy Research Centre of the Department of Applied Social Science jointly organized a forum on the deficiencies of policy on services for the elderly and development strategies. On that night, we invited Dr LAW Chi-kwong, Secretary for Labour and Welfare; Dr LAM Ching-choi, Chairman of the Elderly Commission; and Ms CHAK Tung-ching, Chairwoman of Specialized Committee on Elderly Service of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to attend. Dr FUNG Wai-wah, President of PTU, also spoke on the needs of the elderly and retirement protections.

27 October 2017, Legislative Council Finance Committee Expressing concern over salary reduction meted out to staff of subvented organizations prior to the passage of the salary adjustment motion

31 October 2017, Legislative Council Panel on Education
The Chinese History curriculum of junior secondary education should cover the riots of 1967 and the June 4 incident

3 November 2017, Legislative Council Panel on Education Expressing concern over the proportion of local students attending post-graduate research programmes and their career prospects

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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