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Legislative Council Has Appropriated $3.6 Billion for Education

Dear Members,

Not without apprehension, the new allocation of $3.6 billion for education has eventually been voted through by the Legislative Council’s Finance Committee. PTU and I are most grateful to fellow workers for their support and enthusiasm in expressing their views during this period, which enabled me to have a much better grasp of their thinking.

The success in having this allocation approved can be attributed to the efforts over the years, not only of PTU, but also of many other education organizations, school councils and the large number of fellow workers. The allocation brings benefits to many stakeholders in education, including teaching staff and students of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and tertiary institutions. The urgency of this appropriation was indeed unprecedented. I understand that many schools have, in anticipation of the approval of the allocation, already got prepared and are well poised to start their internal mechanism to renew contracts with individual teachers.

Due to the urgency of the allocation, implementation details of a number of measures have, I understand, yet to be fine-tuned or perfected. For example, with the establishment of teachers increased by 0.1, what are the criteria with which schools could implement this increase? How would happen to the SENCO allowance and related services currently provided by the Community Care Fund under the new arrangement? And, would students of subsidiaries of the eight universities, like those enrolled in self-financing programmes, be eligible for the $30,000 subsidy? On these and many other questions, I as well as PTU will certainly continue to follow up.

Fellow workers are most welcome to let me have their opinions, which can be emailed to [email protected].

Strong condemnation of the Government using NPC’s interpretation of the law to strip LegCo Members of their status
Objection to Ms CHOI Yuk-lin becoming Under Secretary for Education Mourning for LIU Xiaobo with profound grief
Elected as the Alumnus representative to the Selection Committee for HKU’s next President and Vice-Chancellor Snapshots Speeches

Strong condemnation of the Government using NPC’s interpretation of the law to strip LegCo Members of their status

On 14 July, four democratic Legislative Councillors – LEUNG Kwok-hung, LAU Siu-lai, Edward YIU Chung-yim and Nathan LAW Kwun-chung – were ruled by the court as having lost their qualification as Legislative Councillors.

PTU strongly condemns the LEUNG Chun-ying Administration’s brutal application of the NPC (National People’s Congress)’s interpretation of the Basic Law in an attempt to change the election results and overturn the choice of more than 100,000 voters. This has generated a tremendous impact on democracy and the rule of law.

If the new Chief Executive, Carrie LAM, really wants, as she has said she does, to remedy the situation in which the community is torn apart, she has to immediately take remedial measures to restore normal relationship between the legislature and the administration.

Objection to Ms CHOI Yuk-lin becoming Under Secretary for Education

It is widely reported that Ms CHOI Yuk-lin will be appointed Under Secretary for Education. This has instantly provoked dissatisfaction among fellow workers of the education sector and in the community. Some teachers launched an online signature campaign to voice objection to the reported appointment ( As at 14 July, 17,363 people have voiced their objection, 5,894 of whom are education workers.

On 8 July, quite a number of education bodies, organisations of parents and organisations of students held a press conference at which they expressed their objection to Ms CHOI Yuk-lin becoming the Under Secretary for Education and urged the Chief Executive not to appoint a controversial and inappropriate figure, so as to allow the education ecology to return to normal.

Mourning for LIU Xiaobo with profound grief

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr LIU Xiaobo passed away on 13 July. He had dedicated his life to the struggle for democracy and human rights in China.

On 15 July, I joined a candlelight procession organized by the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China to mourn the death of Nobel Peace Prize laureate LIU Xiaobo and to call on the Beijing authorities to lift the monitoring control imposed on his wife LIU Xia and restore freedom to her.

Before the death of Mr LIU Xiaobo, democratic Legislative Councillors moved an adjournment debate in the Legislative Council. Unfortunately, it was rejected by the President of the Council. Finally, at the end of the meeting, democratic Legislative Councillors read out Charter 08 in the Chamber to voice support for Mr LIU Xiaobo and LIU Xia.

Elected as the Alumnus representative to the Selection Committee for HKU’s next President and Vice-Chancellor


In early February this year, President and Vice-Chancellor Peter Mathieson announced that he would leave HKU one year ahead of the expiry of his employment contract. In order to ensure procedural justice in the selection of the new President and Vice-Chancellor and to prevent the recurrence of an incident like ‘awaiting the arrival of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor’, I decided to stand for election by the Convocation to the Selection Committee for HKU’s next President and Vice-Chancellor and to push for developments in three directions: safeguarding procedural justice, defending institutional autonomy and gathering the views of alumni and teaching staff.

There being only one candidate, the Convocation announced on 11 July that I had been elected ipso facto. As the selection of HKU’s new President & Vice-Chancellor is a matter of great importance, I will do my utmost to ensure that the selection process will be conducted in a fair and equitable manner and in compliance with procedural justice and that the new President & Vice-Chancellor will be one who has excellent academic standing and leadership, and is capable of safeguarding academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

Opening ceremony of Hong Kong Model Legislative Council

On 24 June, I attended the opening ceremony of the 10th Hong Kong Model Legislative Council and wished all participants a multifarious and colourful summer vacation.

Professional Guild: street stalls on 1 July

Along the route of procession on 1 July, ‘Professional Guild’ established street stalls to raise money for a lawsuit to defend three Legislative Councillors subjected to judicial suppression from LEUNG Chun-ying and the Government.

City Forum

On 9 July, I attended RTHK’s ‘City Forum’ programme and discussed Government's policy on subsidies for self-financing tertiary institutions.

Noon time musical performance in LegCo

On 14 July, the Chinese Orchestra of Shanghai Alumni Primary School and the Percussion Orchestra of Hong Chi Winifred Mary Cheung Morninghope School came to the Legislative Council Building and performed a number of tracks to share their achievements in music.

LegCo’s Panel on Education: meeting held on 10 July
Implement soonest possible a salary structure for kindergarten teachers!

LegCo’s Panel on Education: meeting held on 10 July
Schools should use the opportunity of increasing teachers’ establishment by 0.1 to tackle the problem of contract teachers

LegCo’s Finance Committee: meeting held on 14 July
Short comments on the new financial resources of $3.6 billion

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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