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Priorities Misplaced
Provision of Education Lacks Vitality

Dear Members,

Teaching: a lifelong pleasure

(Calligraphy by Mr. Law Ching-bor, to whom we are most grateful)

With the Year of the Rooster approaching, may I wish every one of you good health and smooth sailing in your work.

Recently, the Chief Executive issued his Policy Address, the last one in his term of office. On it, what are your views? Earlier on, I issued ‘A Preview of Policies on Education 2017’, in which I made a number of suggestions to the Government on education policies. Unfortunately, the Chief Executive’s last Policy Address fails to respond to our aspirations and can only be described as: policy priorities misplaced; provision of education lacks vitality.

1. The strongest aspirations of the education sector are improving the establishment of teachers in secondary and primary schools and enhancing the employment opportunities of contract teachers. However, the Policy Address is evasive and non-committal.

2. The strongest aspiration of teachers and parents is to reject the comprehensive resumption of TSA. However, the Policy Address is completely silent on this.

3. All sectors of society are very concerned about the problem of students committing suicide. However, the Policy Address is almost completely devoid of any positive new measures.

Nevertheless, there are two new measures worthy of our recognition:

a. Converting into a regular programme the short-term pilot scheme of providing on-site pre-school rehabilitation services introduced at the end of 2015 for kindergarten children with special needs

b. Converting, with effect from the 2018 academic year, into a regular programme the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors implemented by self-financing institutions and enhancing the number of subsidized places, as well as providing a new round of Matching Grant Scheme for self-financing post-secondary institutions.

2017 Policy Address

I sincerely welcome fellow workers’ opinions, which could be emailed to [email protected]

Code for the Education Profession of Hong Kong and Practical Guide
Primary 3 TSA Hong Kong Palace Museum
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CPC illegitimately establishing a code of practice to restrict teachers’ freedom

Recently, the Council on Professional Conduct in Education (CPC) conducted a consultation seeking views on its proposal to formulate a ‘Code for the Education Profession of Hong Kong and Practical Guide’ and revise the ‘Case Handling Procedures’. On the proposed revision of the ‘Case Handling Procedures’, the PTU has raised four queries:

• membership of the current term CPC lacks recognition, it being the old membership forcibly extended by the Government

• the proposed changes came out sloppily and suddenly, trampling on the education profession

• the ‘explanations’ and ‘examples’ in the proposed text are full of mistakes and traps, and some of its contents are contrary to the original intent of the Code and have serious impacts on positive interactions between teachers and students

• the ‘Case Handling Procedures’ will no longer allow relatives and friends to defend teachers complained against, which is a move detrimental to teachers’ rights.

PTU requests that CPC withdraw its consultation immediately and that the matter be studied and discussed afresh when members of a new term of CPC have been elected through a legitimate process.

Strong objection to the comprehensive resumption of Primary 3 TSA

On 23 January, the Education Bureau announced a full resumption of Primary 3 TSA in the current academic year. (While EDB referred to this as an expansion, it is actually a resumption of the TSA.)

The serious alienation or distortion of the TSA is not simply a question of the level of difficulty of assessment. What is needed is a thorough and in-depth policy review. On 5 January, I issued a study report on the implementation of the TSA Policy and suggested how to solve the problem.

It is most unfortunate that EDB has chosen to ignore and proceed against the opinion of the public. We have been considering further actions to resist this.

More of 50% of teachers upset about Government’s failure
to conduct prior consultation on the Hong Kong Palace Museum

On the controversy surrounding the Hong Kong Palace Museum, PTU conducted a simple telephone opinion survey among its members.

The result shows that while 52% of the teachers surveyed supported the establishment of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, 52% were opposed to the Government deciding to go ahead with it without prior consultation with the public.

I would, therefore, urge the Government to attach importance to procedural justice and conduct a public consultation on the issue.

Protest parade on 1 January

On 1 January, I participated in a parade to express opposition to NPC’s Interpretation; and to request the Government to withdraw its bid to seek judicial review against four Legislative Councillors and to implement genuine universal suffrage.

Visiting the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy

Legislative Council’s Panel on Security visited the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy on 4 January. Wearing a fireman’s uniform and putting on a fireman’s equipment deepened my understanding of our fire and ambulance services.

Writing Spring Festival couplets in Mei Fu

Together with Dr Hon Helena WONG Pik-wan, I wrote Spring Festival couplets and met with many teachers and people living in the neighbourhood.

Attending a press conference on the prevention of student suicides

Attending a press conference organized by the Joint Association for the Prevention of Student Suicides, I pointed out that to solve the problem of learning pressure on kindergarten and primary school students, abolition of Primary 3 TSA is a must.

9 Jan 2017 Meeting of Panel on Education
Urging the Government to ensure no recurrence of the Lifelong College incidence

11 Jan 2017 Meeting of Legislative Council
Say goodbye to the course of governance of Leung Chun-ying!

20 Jan 2017 Meeting of Panel on Home Affairs
Will the conversion of Wan Chai Sports Ground lead to a shortage of sports facilities in the district?

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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