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Will certainly Do my Utmost in the New Term

Dear Members,

At the start of the new term of the Legislative Council, I would like to once again express my gratitude to colleagues in the education sector for their support for my re-election. In the coming four years, I will certainly do my utmost to serve you better and in a way commensurate with your support and expectations.

For the current year (2016 - 2017), I have been elected the Deputy Chairman of LegCo’s Panel on Education (the Chairwoman being Dr the Hon CHIANG Lai-wan). I have submitted a total of 17 proposals on the agenda for discussion, including the pay structure of kindergarten teachers, the treatment of contract teachers in primary and secondary schools, student suicide and learning pressure on students, a Private Member's Bill on HKU and governance problems in tertiary institutions, and the requirements which the future Secretary for Education should fulfill. Through this platform of the Legislative Council, I will strive for the interests of teachers and students.

28 Oct 2016  Meeting of Panel on Education in Legislative Council
IP Kin-yuen:Students committing suicide & TSA should be discussed soonest possible

I hope that you will continue to keep track of my work and give me your opinions, advice and criticisms, which could be emailed to [email protected].

It is regrettable that Legislative Council Members should have used insulting expressions in oath-taking Please stop undermining the separation of the three powers Results of Questionnaire Survey on Revision of Chinese History Curriculum announced
Publishing research report on the implementation of TSA policy Snapshots Speeches

It is regrettable that Legislative Council Members should have used insulting expressions in oath-taking

In the oath-taking ceremony on 12 October, Legislative Council Members the Hon Sixtus LEUNG Chung-hang and the Hon YAU Wai-ching used insulting expressions; and the Hon YAU Wai-ching was even suspected of including foul language in his oath.

On the formal occasion of LegCo’s House Committee meeting on 14 October, I clearly stated that while I see no problem with Members expressing their political views and stating their opinions, I find it highly regrettable that certain Members should, when taking the Legislative Council oath, have used insulting expressions leading to people feeling insulted. This is unacceptable. The two Members involved should face their mistakes squarely and bear responsibility.

Please stop undermining the separation of the three powers

All of a sudden on 18 October, LEUNG Chun-ying sought urgent judicial review in an attempt to prevent the Hon Sixtus LEUNG Chung-hang and the Hon YAU Wai-ching from taking their oath. This was an attempt to interfere with the independent operation of the legislature. While I absolutely do not agree with the use of insulting expressions in oath-taking, this does not mean that we accept that LEUNG Chun-ying can, through a judicial process, brutally undermine the separation of the three powers and disregard the procedures and rules of the Legislative Council. Whether or not Legislative Council Members can take their oath is well governed by rules and regulations and should be decided by the Legislative Council itself.

As for the President, Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen, he succumbed to the political pressure from the government and the pro-establishment camp and is no longer able to control the situation. Democratic Members and I, therefore, urge his immediate resignation and the re-election of a President capable of acting in strict accordance with the law and the rules of procedure.

Results of Questionnaire Survey on Revision of Chinese History Curriculum announced

Education Bureau’s consultation on the Proposed Revision of Chinese History Curriculum (Secondary 1-3) will end on 31 October. In October, HKPTU conducted a questionnaire survey of Chinese History teachers and announced its findings at a press conference on 30 October.

The survey shows that the new curriculum receives a rather low rating in teachers’ overall evaluation. They consider that the new curriculum is not particularly helpful in enhancing students’ learning interest, learning ability and sense of belonging and may even be counterproductive.

HKPTU will submit its survey findings to the Education Bureau and will urge, among others, that Chinese History should be given sufficient teaching hours, that Chinese History should be taught by teachers with a major in History, that the political history in the curriculum should be comprehensive and unbiased, and that Hong Kong’s history should be accorded the respect it deserves.

Publishing research report on the implementation of TSA policy

Under tremendous pressure from members of the public at the end of last year, the Education Bureau started a review of its policy on TSA (Territory-wide System Assessment) and shortly afterwards published the results of its review, affirming that the direction of TSA was correct and that all that was needed was to adjust the difficulty level of assessment questions and declaring that Primary 3 TSA would be fully resumed next year.

I pointed out at that time that government’s review of TSA should not be conducted casually. There should instead be an in-depth research conducted in a solemn and serious manner.

I subsequently hired researchers myself to specifically conduct a research on TSA, and announced the results on 31 October, providing a comprehensive account of how TSA has become alienated and pointing out that in the long term, teachers’ teaching will get simplified and tend to become ‘de-professionalized’. Let me repeat: the Education Bureau should not resume Primary 3 TSA, but should rather re-think the policy direction, with children’s healthy development as the most important guiding principle.

Education Guided Tours to Legislative Council

On 3 October, I received three education guided tours to the Legislative Council and had useful exchanges with teachers and students.

Seminar on Job Security of Contract Teachers

On 8 October, I attended a seminar on job security of contract teachers organized by HKPTU and discussed various problems faced by contract teachers. With fellow workers’ enthusiastic sharing, for which I am most grateful, we had a substantial coverage of the issue during the three-and-a-half-hour seminar.

Opening Ceremony of Certificate Course on SENCOs

On 22 October, I was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Certificate Course on Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) organized by the Special Education Society of Hong Kong. The Course will train up more SENCOs to serve students with special educational needs. I wish them success in their studies and hope that they will provide even better services in special education and integrated education.

Diploma and Certificate Presentation cum Thematic Seminar

Since the early part of 2014, HKPTU and the Counselling and Research Centre of Shue Yan University have been jointly organizing various diploma and certificate courses on counselling, including special education counselling, school-based counselling and career planning counselling. On 22 October, I attended a Diploma and Certificate Presentation cum Thematic Seminar and took part in activities of the Seminar to show my support for learners in their efforts.

14 Oct 2016
Meeting of House Committee
IP Kin-yuen:It is regrettable that Legislative Council Members should have used insulting expressions in oath-taking

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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