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Stop Primary 3 TSA
and let teaching and learning return to normal

Dear Members,

First of all, best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! However, due to TSA, some of our fellow workers are unable to enjoy the holidays. For teachers and students so affected, this is most unfortunate and indeed ridiculous!

In the past two months or so, TSA has already caused a great deal of concern. Two weeks ago, EDB issued a letter headed ‘Guideline on Stopping TSA Drills’ to the supervisors and principals of all primary schools, asking schools not to drill students or to require them to attend extra lessons during the holidays. As an immediate response to this action on the part of EDB, which aims to divert the public’s attention and which creates confrontation and divisiveness between schools and parents, HKPTU and I issued a strong condemnation. A recent survey which we conducted among principals reveals that as many as 94% of our principals are infuriated by or dissatisfied with the ‘Guideline on Stopping TSA Drills’ and that as many as 75% of our principals demand a suspension of Primary 3 TSA in 2016.

Tasks ahead: Please join the joint petition of principals and teachers demanding a cessation of Primary 3 TSA in the current academic year (, so as to convey to EDB our strong dissatisfaction. Separately, we welcome fellow workers’ comments and ideas, which could be emailed to [email protected].

Open Forum: Scholars’ Debate on TSA A rally to say ‘No’ to Primary 3 TSA
A meeting with Eddie Ng demanding the abolition of Primary 3 TSA Snapshots Speeches

Open Forum: Scholars’ Debate on TSA

HKPTU and Education Eye jointly organized on 21 November a Scholars’ Debate on TSA Open Forum, to which scholars familiar with assessment and those familiar with the operation of TSA were invited for a direct dialogue.


Legislative Council motion to abolish Primary 3 TSA soonest possible vetoed

On 25 November, Legislative Council discussed a motion to abolish Primary 3 TSA soonest possible. Both the original motion and amendments to it (including mine) were vetoed by pro-establishment members of functional constituencies.

A rally to say ‘No’ to Primary 3 TSA

On 29 November, the Panel on Education of the Legislative Council convened a special meeting for a public hearing on TSA, at which more than 130 people spoke. HKPTU and other organizations held a rally outside the meeting venue, calling for the abolition of Primary 3 TSA soonest possible.


Meeting with Eddie Ng demanding the abolition of Primary 3 TSA in 2016

On 3 December, pan-democratic members of the Legislative Council had a meeting with the Secretary for Education, Eddie NG, to lobby him for the abolition of Primary 3 TSA in 2016 so as to immediately relieve the pressure arising from remedial classes and supplementary exercises during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, he simply reiterated the benefits of TSA and said that the problem lay solely with drilling itself.


Expressing views on the Policy Address to the Chief Executive

On 27 November, I expressed views on the Policy Address to the Chief Executive covering such issues as 15-year free education, improvement of the establishment of teachers and the abolition of Primary 3 TSA.

Follow-up actions following the closure of Bambini Republic

Following the closing down of Bambini Republic, a pre-school education centre operating as a chain-style business, I received quite a number of enquiries from parents. To make it easier for parents to report their cases and to facilitate the collection of evidence, I set up a system to electronically collect particulars of individual cases and collectively forwarded relevant information to Government Departments for follow-up actions. A total of 40 cases from parents were received.

Press conference on Teacher Relief Grant

On 10 December, HKPTU announced the findings from its questionnaire survey, which shows that because of the existing system of the Teacher Relief Grant (TRG), almost 80% of our teachers dare not apply for sick leave. There have even been cases of miscarriage caused by overwork. To right the wrong, HKPTU demands that EDB restore the 3-day accountable reimbursement system.

Putting forward four motions to the Court of HKU

In my capacity as a member of the Court of HKU, I put forward on 17 December four motions to the Court including a review of the absolute confidentiality rule of the University’s Council.

21 Dec 2015

Panel on Public Service
IP Kin-yuen: Make sure government school teachers retire after the end of semester

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