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Eliminate Drills for TSA and

Return a Happy Childhood to Students

Dear Members,

Recently, parents have established an online group to raise objections to drills and drills for the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA). This has aroused tremendous reverberations in society. HKPTU and I have been urging the government to eliminate the various drawbacks of TSA. We wrote to EDB in 2010 to reflect our concerns, conducted questionnaire surveys in 2011, 2013 and 2015, and published collections of articles on TSA in 2013 and 2015. I have also, on several occasions, at meetings of the Legislative Council and meetings of the Panel on Education, suggested conducting a research to determine whether or not TSA should be abolished.

We request EDB to (1) stop the TSA intended for Primary 3 students in 2016, so as to immediately relieve the pressure on teachers and students and conduct a comprehensive consultation on and review of the TSA for Primary 6 and Secondary 3 students; (2) establish an independent TSA Review Committee comprising a wide range of stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers and scholars so as to ensure adequate representation and voices of parents and teachers; and (3) decisively and completely abolish TSA if reviews show that drawbacks of TSA cannot be eradicated.

 Tasks ahead: For this, HKPTU will take a series of actions, including petitions from parents and teachers, a scholars forum on TSA, amendments to motions in the Legislative Council, and public hearings of the Legislative Council on TSA. In the short space of just a few days, the parent-teacher petition has already received nearly 40,000 signatures. Those who have not yet signed the petition are requested to do so. Separately, HKPTU issued a letter on 30 October seeking a meeting with the Secretary for Education. His reply has so far not been received. Colleagues are most welcome to give and email their views to [email protected].

29 November EGM of HKU Convocation in emergency Issue of Lifelong College
Report on IP Kin Yuen’s Work in LegCo: Second Issue published Snapshots Speeches

Please personally attend 29 November EGM of HKU Convocation

2015-11-13 Press conference of HKU Alumni Concern Group

The situation is severe and HKU finds itself in an unprecedented crisis. The position of the Council Chairman has, since 6 November, been left vacant for the first time in HKU’s history. Various sources indicate that the most likely successor remains Prof. Arthur Li, who is unacceptable to a large number of HKU stakeholders and who has all along been hostile to HKU. At the same time, the Council of HKU has, on many occasions within the past two years, tightened its confidentiality mechanism. The Council’s refusal to explain to stakeholders the reasons for its decision to turn down the recommended appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Staffing and Resources) is a clear reflection of its confidentiality mechanism having been abused to the extent of the Council working in a ‘black box’.

Therefore, HKU Alumni Concern Group has pushed for an EGM of HKU Convocation to be held on 29 November to discuss and vote on motions relating to the vetoing of the appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Staff and Resources) and candidates for the Chairmanship of the Council. At this crucial moment, we urge HKU staff and alumni to give a resounding “No” to the Council, which has been abusing its confidentiality mechanism, and to Arthur Li, who is not acceptable to HKU’s stakeholders.


Issue of Lifelong College

2015-11-12 Responding to the issue of Lifelong College

On 12 November, the media reported that Lifelong College is suspected of forgery and that the PhD thesis of Dr. Herdip Singh, Associate Vice President of Lingnan University, is suspected of plagiarism. I pointed out that EDB has the responsibility to supervise relevant institutes and courses, and urged the authorities to immediately initiate investigations.


“Report on IP Kin-yuen’s Work in the Legislative Council”: Second Issue published

To report to the education sector the results of my work, I have recently published the second issue of “Report on IP Kin-yuen’s Work in the Legislative Council” summarizing the work I have done in the past 10 months. Copies of the Report have been posted to all schools in Hong Kong. Comments on the Report are most welcome. If more copies are required, please let us know.

Online version (in Chinese)


In solidarity with public-sector doctors in their sit-in

As invited, I attended a sit-in staged by Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association on 21 October, protesting against the government’s failure to, in accordance with the existing pegging mechanism, give an extra 3% pay increase to doctors on points 45-49 of their pay scale.

Letter to Hong Kong

Recording for ‘Letter to Hong Kong’, an RTHK radio programme, on 31 October, I urged Chief Executive CY Leung to follow the policy on Hong Kong as recommended in the 13th Five-Year Plan adopted by the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee when dealing with matters on Hong Kong and HKU: promoting democracy and harmony.

Hearing on HKU’s injunction

On 6 November, I attended a High Court hearing on HKU’s injunction. I applied to serve as an interested party to raise objections to the injunction.

Seminar on Assessments and Examinations of Visual Arts

On 14 November, I attended a seminar on assessments and examinations of Visual Arts organised by HKPTU. I will continue to follow up this problem and do my best to improve the current system. Suggestions and views from Visual Arts teachers and professionals would be most welcome.


LegCo debate on extending the application of sections 3 and 8 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance to cover the Chief Executive
IP Kin-yuen: Amending the ‘Prevention of Bribery Ordinance’ to introduce checks and balances on the powers of the Chief Executive (in English)

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union
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Hon IP Kin-yuen
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