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Concern over MTR refusing passengers travelling with large musical instruments

Dear Members,

MTR’s recent refusal to allow passengers travelling with ‘large luggage items’ has aroused concern of the public. In response to an enquiry from Apple Daily on 16 September, I suggested that the MTR should allow frontline workers to exercise discretion, and/or set up a registration mechanism to cater for students who need to travel with large musical instruments. Dr the Hon Helena WONG and I are very concerned about the issue. We had earlier on written to the MTR to give our views. We also met with MTR’s Deputy Director of Operations Mr LAU Tin-shing on 12 October.

I suggested that the MTR should consider taking the following measures: (1) establishing a registration mechanism under which students who need to bring with them large musical instruments can, either directly or via their schools or orchestras, apply in advance for a permit allowing them to travel with their musical instruments within a specified period; (2) exploring the feasibility of assigning the first or the last compartment specifically for those who have got a permit under the registration mechanism; (3) reviewing regulations and handling procedures regarding large luggage items; and (4) perfecting, as a long-term measure, training for frontline staff in regulation enforcement, and providing clear-cut guidelines to them.

On 13 October, the MTR announced that it would very shortly, introduce, on a trial basis, a registration system under which citizens carrying musical instruments are, under reasonable circumstances, allowed to travel on the MTR. I am happy to see the MTR responding to citizens’ requests and accepting our suggestion to make arrangements to cater for passengers who need to bring large items with them. As operational details of the registration system are yet to be announced, I will continue to follow up developments of the issue.

 Tasks ahead: In the remaining year of my term of office in the Legislative Council, I shall continue to serve as the Deputy Chairman of the Panel on Education. I hope to be able to follow up these issues: university ordinances, cross-institutional redress mechanism, cancellation of the TSA, permanent and contract teachers, comprehensive insurance plan, administration and allowances for exchange tours, problems relating to the tendering of school bus services, support for kindergarten students with SEN, etc. You are most welcome to give comments and email them to [email protected]. Thank you!

Crisis of HKU’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor appointment DSE Visual Arts examination
Delegation of the Legislative Council Panel on Education Snapshots Speeches

Steadfastly safeguarding institutional autonomy and rejecting black-hand intervention

2015-10-09 Rally in HKU

On 29 September, the Council of The University of Hong Kong vetoed, without giving any reasons, the appointment of Prof. Johannes CHAN as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Staffing and Resources). This violates HKU’s long-established system and practice. Based on the Council’s confidentiality code, Council Chairman Dr. LEONG Che-hung was the only spokesman of the Council but he refused to explain the Council’s decision to teachers, students and alumni. This violates the Council’s ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ principles.

To consolidate our strengths, the HKU Alumni Concern Group, together with HKU’s Student Union and Staff Association and others, organised a 4,000-person rally on the night of 9 October, urging the Council to explain the reasons for vetoing Prof. CHAN’s appointment. We hope that you will continue to pay attention to developments of this issue. Let us safeguard Hong Kong’s academic freedom!


Problem of assessments in DSE Visual Arts examination

2015-10-05 Met with HKEAA

At this year’s HKDSE Visual Arts examination, the drawings of a few candidates were considered by examination centre supervisors as being similar to drawings they had originally created and brought to the examination venue as reference materials and hence the candidates were suspected of copying from their own previously-drawn drawings. I have been actively following up the issue. I believe that the matter centres on whether there are clear-cut guidelines for visual arts assessment. This could have a significant impact on candidates.

Together with members of the Visual Arts Education Core Concern Group, I met with senior staff of the HKEAA on 5 October to express our concern on visual arts assessment. I hope that the HKEAA will respond soonest possible and take measures to remedy various assessment problems, to ensure examination fairness and impartiality, and to dissipate the concerns of candidates and teachers.


Studying vocational education in Germany and Switzerland

2015-10-21 Visited a vocational school

During 21 to 25 September, I led a delegation of Legislative Council’s Panel on Education to Germany and Switzerland. Together with six other Legislative Councillors, I met with government officials and chamber representatives for an in-depth understanding of the collaboration between the government and the business sector in the provision of vocational education.

This visit was a real eye-opener for me. To share with you my observations and findings during the visit, I have written seven articles, at which I would sincerely invite you to have a look!

(1)(2)(3)(4) (5)(6)(7)
(in Chinese)


Establishment of the Pan-democrats Communication Group

On 18 September, pan-democratic lawmakers decided to set up the ‘Pan-democrats Communication Group’ as a liaison platform of the pan-democratic camp to coordinate matters relating to communications with the Central Government. I am one of the four members of the Communication Group.

Formulation of Comprehensive Child Health Policies

On 20 September, I attended a press conference jointly held by the Hong Kong Paediatric Foundation and the Hong Kong Paediatric Society, urging the government to formulate comprehensive and practical child health policies.

Letter To Hong Kong

Recording for RTHK Radio 3 programme ‘Letter to Hong Kong’ on 20 September, I talked about the storm surrounding the appointment of a Pro-Vice-Chancellor in HKU.

Archive(in English)

Establishment of the Scholars' Alliance for Academic Freedom

On 8 October, about 60 scholars from different institutes established the Scholars’ Alliance for Academic Freedom to unite the academic sector and safeguard academic freedom. Over one hundred scholars have joined the Alliance so far.


Legislative Council discussing whether or not to invoke the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance to investigate the lead-in-water issue
IP Kin-yuen: Calling for a thorough investigation into the lead-in-water issue and pointing out that the Government should be held accountable for people’s livelihood matters. (Video) (in English)

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