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EDB Should Conduct Water Testing for all Schools

Dear Members,

Earlier on, there were schools that have been discovered with excess lead in their water after getting their water tested voluntarily. The HKPTU and I are very concerned about the impact on the health of all teachers and students from the excess lead in water. Starting in August, we have written to the EDB and held press conferences to urge the EDB to arrange water testing for all schools (including secondary and primary schools, special schools and kindergartens) to protect the health of our teachers and students.

Initially, the EDB refused to conduct water testing for schools as they claimed that students are not staying in schools for a long period of time. After repeated fights from the public, Mrs Carrie LAM, Chief Secretary for Administration, finally announced to conduct water testing for about 980 kindergartens in Hong Kong for the first stage. The next step will be conducting water testing for about 80 primary and secondary schools which were completed in or after 2005. This reflects the EDB has not put the welfare of our teachers and students at their first priority, which was very disappointing!

Although the HKPTU and I welcome the government for listening to public opinion, the measures proposed by the government are still a distance away from what we have urged for. The investigation by the HKPTU shows that 90% of schools think the EDB should conduct water testing for all the schools in Hong Kong, and 80% think the government should pay for the schools’ installation of water filters that comply with standard. Therefore, the HKPTU and myself will continue to urge the EDB to publish the timetable of water testing for all schools and follow-up measures for schools with water that are tested with excess lead.

We urge our fellow colleagues to continue to pay attention to this issue and provide your opinion by emailing to [email protected].

2015-09-01 House Committee of the Legislative Council Special meeting
IP Kin-yuen: EDB should arrange water testing for all schools (Video)

Crisis of HKU’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor selection Develop quality early childhood education
Snapshots Speeches

Safeguarding Bridgehead of Academic Freedom

With over 3,000 HKU alumni and over 5,000 proxy votes, nearly 10,000 joined the EGM of HKU Convocation on 1 September. This has created history for HKU and the tertiary education sector!

The two resolutions proposed by HKU Alumni Concern Group were passed with the support of over 80% of alumni. This reflects alumni and staff think the Council should restore things to order, work according to the established system and should not deviate from procedural justice.

The Council of HKU will be holding a meeting on 29 September to discuss about the appointment of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Staffing and Resources). We hope you can continue to pay close attention to the development of the issue and safeguard academic freedom in Hong Kong together!

2015-09-02 HKU Alumni Concern Group responded to the voting results of the EGM of HKU Convocation

Calling on the Officials to Respect Views from the Profession to Develop Quality Early Childhood Education Policies

The Committee on Free Kindergarten Education published the report on the 15-year free education earlier. The public consultation period has already ended. On 31 July, the HKPTU held a press conference to publish its response and gave comments on eight key sectors, including the opposition to lump-sum grants, ensuring the provision of enough resources for kindergartens to develop quality education with reference to the mode of funding for primary and secondary schools, urging for the formation of pay scale for kindergarten teachers to attract professionals, improving the staff establishment and strength to mitigate the teachers’ workload, etc.


Booth of HKU Alumni Concern Group

On 16 August, the HKU Alumni Concern Group, together with other professional organisations set up booth in Wanchai to explain to our citizens the whole story about the crisis of the selection of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of HKU.

Day Camp for Geotechnical Engineers of Tomorrow 2015

On 18 August, I attended the “Day Camp for Geotechnical Engineers” held by the Civil Engineering and Development Department. Together with the students, we conducted experiments and learnt about the principles of geology under a relaxing atmosphere.

‘Crisis of Secondary Schools Development and the Plight of Young Teachers’ Forum

On 30 August, I attended the forum ‘Crisis of Secondary Schools Development and the Plight of Young Teachers’ organised by the HKPTU. We analysed problems faced by the secondary school sector from multiple perspectives.

Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2015

On 4 September, I attended the Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2015 ceremony as one of the award presenters.

2015-08-24 Panel on Health Services
IP Kin-yuen: EDB should help schools to test for lead in tap water (Video)



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