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Should there be subsidy for teachers
who assist study tours?

Dear Members,

¡@Summer holiday is approaching. Although there will be holidays for students, some of our fellow colleagues will still need to lead study tours for their schools.

¡@At the meeting of the Panel on Education on 8 June, I asked the officials from the Education Bureau, ‘Is there any subsidy for our Secretary Mr Eddie NG on his overseas visits?’ The answer is yes. Then I further questioned, ‘Does Mr NG need to look after students during his overseas visits? Why don’t our teachers receive any subsidy for leading study tours?’ The latter question was raised again during the meeting with the Permanent Secretary for Education on 12 June to urge the EDB to review the problem.

¡@Worse still, I have received complaints stating that some schools demanded their teachers to pay for their own travel expenses for leading study tours. It might be due to the fact that the Community Care Fund only subsidizes grassroots students to join study tours, but not their teachers, and the schools are not willing to pay for the costs. This is absolutely an absurd request! When teachers are leading study tours, they are actually working but not having fun. Since teachers are responsible for taking care of the students during the tours, there is no reason for them to pay for their own travel expenses and such costs should be borne by the government and schools. This point was raised at the meeting on 8 June, and it was agreed by the EDB officials. If any fellow colleagues have experienced similar unreasonable demands, don't resign yourself to adversity and do seek help from the Rights and Complains Department of the HKPTU.

¡@To give us your first-hand experience or have further comments, please email to [email protected]¡@

8 June 2015 Panel on Education of the Legislative Council
IP Kin-yuen: Teachers¡¦ overseas expenses should be paid by the schools

¡@Notice: The Education Panel of the Legislative Council is going to discuss about the ¡¥Implementation of civic education¡¦, ¡¥Medium-term Review of Senior Secondary Curriculum and Assessment¡¦ and ¡¥Promotion of Vocational Education¡¦ in its meeting in July. You are welcome to give comments on these issues. Please email to [email protected]. Thank you!


Defeat fake universal suffrage Successfully advocated the government to mobilise the agenda for meetings of Finance Committee
Suspected political censorship on lecturer
from Baptist University
Abolish the TSA
Snapshots Speeches

Defeat fake universal suffrage and Urge for restart of constitutional reform consultation

On 18 June, with the walkout of most of the pro-establishment lawmakers, the pan-democrats used their sacred votes to veto the electoral package with fake universal suffrage. The result was a "28 No’s to 8 Yes’, with 0 Abstain" defeat . We have sent a clear message to the Central and SAR governments that ‘We do not want filtration!’ What Hong Kong people need is an ‘authentic universal suffrage’ with no unreasonable restrictions and real choices. I hope Hong Kong people can continue to unite as one to fight for the authentic universal suffrage and never give up on that.

2015-06-17 Debate on the Amendment to the Method for the Selection of the Chief Executive
IP Kin-yuen: PTU members clearly against the NPCSC decision

Successfully advocated the government to mobilise the agenda for meetings of Finance Committee

The government finally set things right by suggesting to the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council 11 agenda items, including the pay adjustment for civil servants, of funding applications. I, together with other pan-democratic Councillors, have always been advocating using the principles of ¡¥the easier comes first¡¦ and ¡¥people¡¦s livelihood should take priority¡¦ in the deliberation of the funding applications in the Finance Committee. We think the government should never use livelihood related items as ¡¥hostage¡¦ to force lawmakers to pass the funding for innovation and Technology Bureau which is highly controversial. As the advocacy is successful, I promise to deliberate over these 11 items as soon as possible to get the funds to the receiver’s hands at the earliest opportunity.

2015-06-12 Meeting of the Finance Committee
IP Kin-yuen: Pass the civil service pay adjustment bill by a better agenda arragement

Attend to the suspected political censorship on Mr SHIU Ka-chun from Baptist University

Earlier, Mr SHIU Ka-chun, Lecturer of the Department of Social Work in Hong Kong Baptist University, was suspected to be censored politically by senior members of the university and was refused to be appointed as the associate director of the Centre for Youth Research and Practice. Although the university has finally confirmed his appointment, there are still lots of doubts needed to get clarified in the incident, I organised a press conference with Dr Hon Fernando CHEUNG, Hon CHEUNG Kwok-che and Mr SHIU to urge the Baptist University to start an investigation into the incident.

Abolish the TSA, return a normal educational habitat to primary schools!

On 22 June, the HKPTU announced the result of its ‘2015 Questionnaire on the Territory-wide Assessment (TSA)’ investigation to update the public with the most recent situation of the practice of TSA in primary schools, especially after the implementation of the enhancement measures by the EDB in 2014. The result showed that about 70% of the teachers think the TSA affects the normal teaching and assessment, and about 65% of teachers disagree with the continual of the TSA! The HKPTU thought that if the government fails to suggest positive and powerful measures to remedy the consequences brought by the TSA, it should abolish the TSA decisively!

Attended the Candlelight Vigil for
June 4 Massacre

Candles for June Fourth have been lit in Victoria Park for 26 years. We will definitely continue to uphold this candle. We hope that people in mainland China could mourn for June Fourth as normal as us in Hong Kong. We also look forward to the coming of the day when June Fourth can be redressed.

Concerning the back pay issue of
VTC staff under the new system

An ex-teacher of the VTC complained to me that the pay increment is yet to be received. I have written to the Education Bureau several times and expressed my concern in the Legislative Council for this issue. I think the provision of ¡¥Staff under the new system should still be at his/her position on the day that the Legislative Council passed the adjustment for salary before he/she entitles to the related pay adjustment¡¦ is unreasonable. After the implementation of the Lump Sum grant mode, subvented organisations should not use its financial flexibility to cut down the benefits their staff entitles. I will continue to follow up this issue.

2015-06-22 Panel on Public Service
IP Kin-yuen: concerning the back pay issue of VTC staffs

Wrote to Mrs Carrie LAM to inquire about the time for the reopening of the Civic Square

On 23 June, I wrote to Mrs Carrie LAM, Chief Secretary for Administration, to inquire about the time for the reopening of the East Wing Forecourt of the Central Government Offices, which is commonly known as the Civic Square, and the associated pavement. The East Wing Forecourt has a dual function of pedestrian walkway and a place for public meetings. This shows that the site is a place used by the public. I think the government should take the convenience for the use of the public as one of the major considerations for its action.

Hosting students visiting the LegCo

On June 25, I hosted a group of primary students who came to visit the Legislative Council, introduced to them the operation of the LegCo. A special thanks to the group for giving me a greeting card!

3 June 2015

Motion on ¡§Enacting legislation on standard working hours¡¨ in the Council meeting of the Legislative Council

IP Kin-yuen: Teachers need standard working hours

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers¡¦ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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