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Crucial moment: Implementing Free Kindergarten Education of High Quality!

Dear Members,

Report of the Committee on Free Kindergarten Education was released on 28th May after a two-year study. Unfortunately, it has not responded to any of the three core demands from parents and the early childhood education sector. The biggest change that the proposal has made was only changing the target of which funding is issued to from parents to schools. The suggestions made in the proposal were only a ¡§modification¡¨ of the current voucher scheme, which is a ¡¥fake free education, but a true trap¡¦ for the sector. The proposal has totally disappointed the hope of reforming and upgrading early childhood education in Hong Kong with this opportunity.

The three demands from the early childhood sector include:

1. Supporting whole-day kindergarten: Sufficient resources should be ensured no matter for half-day, whole-day and long whole-day kindergarten. All children could enjoy free and quality kindergarten education.

2. Reasonable salary: An attractive level of salary should be provided to maintain the quality workforce. Qualification and experience should be recognized by establishing a mandatory pay scale system. No abusive mechanism, for example, one that oppresses teachers¡¦ salary or causing the dismissal of experienced teachers, should be permitted. An example of such systems include the lump-sum grant that uses the median of all teachers¡¦ salary to calculate the level of financial assistance.

3. Professional development: Establish the professional ladder for the early childhood sector. Provide dedicated fund to encourage continuous education for kindergarten teachers, and ensuring the timetable for degree for all teachers.

Since the proposal did not answer any of the three demands above, we are here to urge the government to carry out a full consultation on the matter to allay public concerns. The government must face the public and listen to our opinions seriously.

Notice: The Education Panel of the Legislative Council will discuss about ¡¥The Liberal Studies subject under the New Senior Secondary curriculum¡¦, ¡¥Access to teachers¡¦ registration information¡¦, ¡¥Progress on enhancing Chinese learning and teaching for non-Chinese speaking students¡¦ and ¡¥Issues related to the use of funds under the Fee Remission/Scholarship Schemes in Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools in sponsoring overseas educational visits¡¦. You are welcome to give comments on the issues. Please emails to [email protected]. Thank you!

Request to Change the Name of ¡¥Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers¡¦ to
¡¥ Language Proficiency Assessment¡¦
EDB intervenes Institutional Autonomy Snapshots
Review of the Police System is needed Speeches¡@

Request to Change the Name of ¡¥Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers¡¦ to ¡¥ Language Proficiency Assessment¡¦

The policy of Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers (LPAT) has been launched for 14 years. Most of the serving English and Putonghua teachers are already qualified under the policy and do not need to take the assessment. At present, most of the registered candidates of the tests are not serving teachers, but the examination is still named Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers. This caused the community to mistakenly think the results of the examination can reflect the language proficiency of the serving teachers, making it unfair to them. Therefore, I am writing an open letter to urge the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority to change the name of ¡¥Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers¡¦ to ¡¥ Language Proficiency Assessment¡¦.

The EDB intervenes Institutional Autonomy by writing to HKU urging to Disclose the Sources of Donation

On 20th May, Eddie NG, Secretary for Education admitted in his reply to the question from a Councillor that the EDB has written to the HKU for a number of times urging them to disclose more information regarding the sources of donation to its Faculty of Law. I am regretful for the approach by the authority. What is the law or chapter of law that the authority has its action based on? Because the issue is still under investigation by the HKU, the way that the EDB stated in its reply is trying to lead the public to think that the related donations are problematic. This is also intervening institutional autonomy, which is in no doubt problematic!

Rights of the Disabled should be Respected, and Review of the Police System is needed

Earlier on there was an incident of a mentally handicapped person who was arrested wrongly. This drew the attention from the public greatly. When the police officer took written statement from the suspect, he/she did not follow the internal guidelines. During the detention, the police did not organize the person to take his medication. After being provided the alibi of the suspect, the police still insisted to charge the person for murdering. On 17th May, I joined the demonstration to protest against the police for wrongly detain the mentally handicapped person, and urge the government to correct the problems.

Social Strife should be kept away
from schools

On 23rd May, I opposed to the demonstration held against Confucian Tai Shing Primary School because of an overstay child. I respect the freedom of speech of Hong Kong citizens, but demonstrating at the school imposed unnecessary nuisance the school and its students. The school was only assisting the overstay child to do some assessments, and was not registering him officially. The rights of abode and admission of the child are decided by the government but not the school itself. The public should not pinpoint at the school.

Meeting with the Alliance for Children Development Rights and parents

On 8th May, I met with the Alliance for Children Development Rights and other parents to discuss about the educational needs and policies on financial assistance to grassroots students. Parents have expressed their concerns in the meeting, for example the lack of regularity for Subsidy for Extra-curricular Activities, the Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges by the Student Finance Office fails to catch up with inflation, the numerous and lack of transparency of miscellaneous fees from kindergartens, etc. I will continue to follow up the problems mentioned to give a fairer learning chance to grassroots children.

Oppose ¡¥Take it first¡¦ of the Proposals
on the Method for Selecting
the Chief Executive

On 3rd May, the pan-democrats launched a motorcade demonstration to oppose the ¡¥Take it first¡¦ of the proposals on the method for selecting the Chief Executive. We distributed leaflets in Tsuen Wan. Citizens who support and against the proposal have expressed their opinions to us. The freedom of speech is what Hong Kong is valuable for!

Attended an Activity of Model LegCo

On 23rd May, I attended the ¡¥Youth in LegCo ¡V Certificate Course for Youth Community Leaders¡¦ organize by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups as guest. Some of the students acted as lawmakers, some acted as officials. The questions and answers are all commanding, which are not inferior to the real lawmakers and officials!

14 May
Appropriation Bill 2015 (Committee Stage and Third Reading)
IP Kin-yuen : Eddie Ng should support our teachers, but not to drag our feet

18 May
Bills Committee on Electoral Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2015
IP Kin-yuen: Guarantee the voting rights of higher education staff

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers¡¦ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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