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Successfully Fight for Cancellation of SBAs
for 7 NSS Subjects

Dear Members,

Good news! On 17 April, the EDB announced that from September 2015 onwards, the school-based assessments (SBA) of 7 New Senior Secondary electives will be cancelled! They include Chinese History, History, Economics, Ethics & Religious Studies, Geography, Music and Tourism & Hospitality. Besides, the SBA of 3 subjects (Chinese Literature, Health Management & Social Care and Information & Communication Technology) will be further simplified. The remaining 9 subjects, however, will be implemented according to the existing mechanism.

The HKPTU and I welcome this amendment from the EDB. Since the implementation of the New Senior Secondary curriculum, the tremendous amount of SBAs has already overloaded our teachers and students. The HKPTU perseveringly did researches and published reports, urging strongly the EDB to cancel unnecessary SBAs and simplify the others. Now, the EDB finally responds to this appeal. I am certain that this will ease some of the pressure of our teachers and students. We will continue to strive for the good of both teachers and students!

Notice: The Education Panel of the Legislative Council will discuss about ¡¥cross-boundary students¡¦ and ¡¥e-Textbook¡¦ in its next meeting in May. You are welcome to give comments on the issues. Please email to [email protected]. Thank you!

Early Childhood Education of High Quality: meeting with Mrs Carrie Lam Snapshots
Protect Institutional Autonomy: propose to amend University Ordinances Speeches
Say “NO!" to Fake Universal Suffrage Articles

Early Childhood Education of High Quality:
meeting with Mrs Carrie Lam

On 16 April, I met with the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Carrie LAM, to mainly discuss about the process of 15-year free education. I raised the 3 appeals to the Chief Secretary:

  1. Make sure that the different modes of kindergartens can all get adequate amount of resources for reasonable operation. Recognize that there are different functions to half-day, whole-day and long-whole-day kindergartens in suiting the different needs of infants and their families.
  2. Establish a robust and mandatory pay mechanism for kindergarten teachers. The pay scale should reflect the number of years of experience and qualification of teachers. The pay should be attractive and be able to stabilize the career of the talented. Any mechanism that is inductive to suppress the pay or dismiss senior teachers will definitely be objected.
  3. Building a professional career in the early childhood education sector, and provide restricted appropriation to support the continuing education of kindergarten teachers. The government should also establish a timetable for upgrading trainings to kindergarten teachers to degree level.

Protect Institutional Autonomy:
propose to amend University Ordinances

The Chief Executive of the government is given too much power and authority by the existing laws which he may abuse and intervene into the operation of the 10 local universities. In the HKPTU press conference held on 19 April, I vow to amend University Ordinances and Statutes to confine the power and authority of the Chief Executive so as to safeguard institutional autonomy and academic freedom. I will propose private bills to amend the 10 University Ordinances and Statutes. We will review the provision of the Chief Executive to be the Chancellor of every institute and the composition of the Court and Council of each institute. We will also advocate to bring in more representatives of teachers and students into the Court or Council of respective institutions and improve the transparency of the use of power by the Chancellor.

Say “NO!" to Fake Universal Suffrage

On 22 April, the government published the Consultation Report and Proposals on the Method for Selecting the Chief Executive by Universal Suffrage. The proposal allows a small group of people to dominate the nomination stage, thus to control the results of the election, leaving Hong Kong citizens solely as voting tools. The pan-democrats strongly condemn the government for its proposal. We will veto the proposal for sure. At the same time, we urge our citizens to continue fighting for true universal suffrage.

Problems with School Buses are Pressing

On 27 March, I attended the meeting of ¡¥Proposed Measures to Improve the Supply of School Buses¡¦ to discuss about the shortage of school buses and the high fees for the service. During the meeting, I urged the Transport and Housing Bureau to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Because of cross-boundary students and the increase in the number of births dated a few years back, the number of primary students will be at its peak in the coming years. The situation of the shortage of buses will only be worsened.

Concern about the Problem of Overlapping Voices in the recording of Chinese Listening Examination

On 10 April, I wrote to the HKEAA urging them to investigate the problem of overlapping voices in the recording of Chinese Listening Examination, and formally explain to the public afterwards. The investigation should include the level of effect on the affected students. If it is confirmed that the performance of the students has been affected, the HKEAA must take remedial measures according to the existing mechanism.

Review of Chinese History Curriculum should Return to Professional Discussions

On 15 April, the HKPTU announced the results of ¡§Survey on Chinese History as a school subject¡¨. It was found that about two-thirds of teachers did not support the government’s intention to increase teaching time for modern history by trimming down the ancient history. 75% did not agree on carrying out political education though Chinese History. We agree that the junior secondary curriculum of the subject needs reviewing, but the reviewing process must be rigorous and professional, and should fully consult teachers¡¦ opinion.

Hosting students who visited the LegCo

On 10th April, I hosted a group of kindergarten students in LegCo. We happily discussed what they were going to have as snacks. By such discussion, I hope they would have a rough idea of ¡¥majority rule¡¦.

31 March

Finance Committee of the Legislative Council

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13 April

Panel on Education of the Legislative Council

IP Kin-yuen: Concern on the reservation about the effectiveness of Putonghua as the medium of instruction

16 April

Second Reading debate on Appropriation Bill 2015

IP Kin-yuen: Long-term education planning has to increase recurrent expenditure


RTHK ¡§Letter To Hong Kong"

Experience for Diversity: the Australian New Colombo Plan

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