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German Political and Educational Systems Worth Learning

Dear Members,

¡@Have you been to Germany before? In early March, I joined the delegation of the Legislative Council to Berlin and Bremen to conduct a parliamentary visit. The visit gave us an opportunity to gain an insight of the political and electoral system of Germany, as well as the functions and operation of its bicameral legislature. It was truly an eye-opening journey.

¡@During the trip, the German educational system and its local youth policies have attracted my attention especially. In the trip, I visited a local kindergarten. The teacher who hosted me said that the most important mission of kindergartens is to let the children love learning and learn to live a life. What they concern is not whether or not children are winning at the starting line, but how to run better and faster in the marathon of life. This is totally different to the norm in Hong Kong, which is forcing myself to reflect on our educational system once again.

¡@In addition, the Panel on Education of the Legislative Council is going to discuss the issue of ¡¥Using Putonghua to Teach Chinese Language Subject¡¦ in April. You are welcome to give comments on the issue. Please email [email protected] with your thoughts. Thank you!

First issue of ¡¥Report on the Work of IP Kin-yuen in the Legislative Council¡¦ Speeches
Teachers as tool for political indoctrination, NO! Snapshots

First Report on My Works in the Legislative Council Published

The first issue of ¡¥Report on the Work of IP Kin-yuen in the Legislative Council¡¦(in Chinese) to summarize the works that I have done in the past two years is published. It has already been distributed to all the schools in Hong Kong. Comments and advices are more than welcomed. If a larger quantity is required, please feel free to contact us.

PDF version (in Chinese)

Teachers cannot be treated as the tool for political indoctrination

Mrs Fanny LAW, member of the Executive Council and deputy to the state legislature, the National People’s Congress, suggested earlier that pre-service teacher trainings should coach controversial national studies that force ALL young incoming teachers to spend a month in universities in mainland China to learn about the nation before being QUALIFIED to teach in Hong Kong. I think this act is with no doubt using the time incoming teachers spend in the mainland to brainwash them, and influencing the next generations afterwards. I have posed my strong objection for the education sector to her suggestion.

On March 16, I recorded for the TV show ¡¥Pentaprism¡¦ of the RTHK in response to Mrs Fanny LAW.Replay (in Chinese)

After the ¡¥Occupy¡¦ Movement, on March 12, I reported to the police at the Police Headquarters in response to their invitation to ¡¥assist investigation¡¦. After refusing to be bound by bail, I was released without charge after a more than two-hour stay in the Police Headquarters.

On March 18, I attended the press conference on the legislative on inclusive education by Hon Fernando CHEUNG and Hon Dennis KWOK to share about my opinion on the matter. I think the government should seriously improve its policies on inclusive education by providing practical support to teachers. Only from this, students can have a reasonable environment for learning and growth. Measures should include, for example, improving the teacher-student ratio and establishing the role of Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO) in schools.

On March 21, I attended the forum ¡¥Should there be changes in Liberal Studies? How to change?¡¦organised by the Centre for Public Policy Studies of Lingnan University. My opinion is, as long as discussions on Liberal Studies are based on educational professionalism and not politics, they would be good pushes for the subject.

On March 20, I hosted a group of primary students, introducing to them the composition and operation of the Legislative Council. The lively students gave a lot of suggestions. Some of them even said they wanted to become the president of the Council in the future!

March 16

Subcommittee to Study the Implementation of Free Kindergarten Education of the Legislative Council

IP Kin-yuen: Rental-related expenditure of kindergartens

March 16

Panel on Education of the Legislative Council

IP Kin-yuen: Why does not the Budget deal with the high fees of self-financed tertiary students?

Representative of Hong Kong Professional Teachers¡¦ Union
in Legislative Council,
Hon IP Kin-yuen
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