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Politics is in command of Policy Address, and Ignores the sentiments of people

First of all wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

The good news is, the Civil Service Pay Adjustment has finally been passed!Teachers of government, aided & DSS schools should receive the pay-back before Chinese New Year. Other than that, out of the 5 appeals that I raised to CY LEUNG in my ‘Prospective of Policy Address’, 2 have been responded: (1) Increasing the graduate teacher ratio in public sector primary schools from 50% to 65%; and, (2) strive for deploying a post of designated teacher for coordinating matters related to SEN support. Unfortunately, this is only a pilot scheme but not a permanent post. Still, it is better than nothing,

The bad news is, CY LEUNG has delivered the most politicised Policy Address in history! In education, it urges primary and secondary schools to organise large amount of exchange tours, and increasing the number of sister schools that use a large sum of money, only valid for going to mainland China. Teachers will definitely be exhausted and will be comprehensively part-time working as free tour guides! In his Policy Address, CY LEUNG criticised articles in the‘Undergrad’. He has also supported the establishment of the ‘Hong Kong Army Cadet’ that has close connection with the People’s Liberation Army. All these highly political acts are worrying to us! On the other hand, for issues that are most concerned by the educational sector, for example stabilising schools, improving the establishment of teachers, increasing the opportunities of employment for young teachers, and establishing a pay scale for early childhood teachers, etc., CY LEUNG has chosen to turn a deaf ear to such requests.

This is an era which we need to be alert! No matter what, fellow workers, please put forward more comments. Here I wish everyone everything auspicious in the year of sheep! (Incidentally speaking, I will be writing Spring scrolls for our members as always. Please come and advise.)

If you have any comment, please email to: [email protected].

14th January, 2015, IP Kin-yuen responded to the educational policies in the Policy Address.

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Press Release (in Chinese)

Civil Service Pay Adjustment OTHERS
High Degree of Autonomy Speeches
Fighting for 15-year free education Articles  

Livelihood comes first, and the Civil Service Pay Adjustment has been passed

I have repeatedly urged the government to rearrange the agenda and move up the item of the pay rise for civil servants for handling. I have also urged members of the Legislative Council to make sure that the pay rise for civil servants can be passed as soon as possible in the internal meeting of the pan-democrats. The HKPTU also organised a member’s petition to request the government and lawmakers to pass the appropriation within January.

Although the government has turned a deaf ear towards public opinions, but our voices has led to a bona fide response from the pan-democrats of increasing the speed of deliberation. The item has finally been passed on 16th January.

For the back pay of contract and part-time staff, Secretary for the Civil Service Mr TANG Kwok-wai Paul has replied. Please find the letter (in Chinese) from the link below for reference.

Letter to Secretary for the Civil Service Mr TANG Kwok-wai Paul (in Chinese)

Reply from Secretary for the Civil Service Mr TANG Kwok-wai Paul (in Chinese)

9th January 2015, the Pan-democratic Legislative Councillors urged to deliberate the financial arrangement for Civil Servant Pay Adjustment as soon as possible.

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Press Release (in Chinese)

Solemnly demanding the Central Government to respect the High Degree of Autonomy, and do not intervene Hong Kong’s educational matters

On 8th January 2015, President of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies CHEN Zuo’er said that the EDB should accept the supervision from the Central Government and the Hong Kong society at all times, and urged the EDB should give ‘accurate guidance’ to the school sponsoring bodies. I made a statement immediately followed his speech on the same day. Follow on, I wrote to the Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office WANG Guangya to solemnly demand the Central Government to respect the high degree of autonomy and not to intervene Hong Kong’s educational matters.

12th January 2015, IP Kin-yuen and FUNG Wai-wah solemnly demanded the Central Government to respect the high degree of autonomy, and not to intervene Hong Kong’s educational matters.

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Press Release (in Chinese)

Letter to the Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office WANG Guangya (in Chinese)


RTHK TV Programme ‘Pentaprism’
IP Kin-yuen: Central government’s monitoring on education exceeds the Basic Law 

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Fighting for 15-year free education, and consummate the pay system of early childhood teachers

The government-appointed Committee on Free Kindergarten Education will submit a plan in about 4 months. The HKPTU firmly grasped this key timing and organised a thousand people gathering of early childhood education sector objecting the ‘lump sum grant’, and urged for the consummation of the pay system of early childhood teachers. At the time same, we also urged for the expansion of subsidisation to whole-day and long whole-day kindergartens to increase the quality of early childhood education and reduces the burden on working parents.

11th January 2015, petition of early childhood education with the title ‘Wholeheartedly acting together’


HKPTU Educational Study Tour to Taiwan

24th December 2014, visited Song Shan High School of Commerce and Home Economics in Taipei.

24th December 2014, visited the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

26th December 2014, visited the visual impairment integrated education in Wu-Chang Elementary School in Taipei.

26th December 2014, visited the Civil Education class of New Taipei Municipal San-Chong High School.


Dissatisfied with the Policy Address as it has not responded to the appeal of the Umbrella Movement, the Pan-democrats boycotted and left the chamber

Public sentiment report published by Pan-democratic Legislative Councillors

Full Text (in Chinese)


Attended ‘News Magazine’of Now TV
Title: What sort of Youth Policy would fit Hong Kong’s needs?

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Sing Pao


Hong Kong Economic Journal

.撥亂反正 還本地學生升學機會(2015-01-08)

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